Mutts akin to Swiss banks, alleges Govinda Rao

Mutts akin to Swiss banks, alleges Govinda Rao

Social activist mocks at Anna Hazare as simple yet foolish man

He was speaking at a seminar on ‘What’s Lokpal Bill? organised by Karnataka Rajya Dalit Sangharsh Samiti and Federation of Dalit Youths’ Organisation at Maharaja College Centenary Hall in the city.

“Of 100 muts, 95 are holding black money. A majority of the seers in the state are also land-grabbers,” Rao alleged.

Rao also alleged Sri Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji of Art of Living is one among the land-grabbers in Bangalore. He was a yoga teacher earlier, who later donned ochre to teach ‘Art of living’, said Rao.

Saying that it was the fear psychosis of being caught on land-grabbing charges that forced Ravishankar to meet social crusader Anna Hazare, when the latter announced that he will also take up the issue of land-grabbing.

Launching a tirade against Anna Hazare, Rao said: “He is a simple, yet foolish man, who has a coterie of men around him to guide. He lacks the ability to decide on his own.” Taking exception to Anna being compared with India, Rao wondered: “How can one compare a living being to an eternal India”.

Drawing an analogy between Naxals and Anna Hazare, Rao said both are against Indian Constitution, yet they want people to believe in them. How can one follow Hazare, when he openly expressed his support to Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi?, he questioned.

Rao said corruption has grown beyond any limits and there is none who is psychologically free one from corruption. He flayed the stance of the ‘civil society members’ led by Anna, who say people are supreme over the Parliament.

Anna condemned
“Moreover, his (Anna) way of taking the movement ahead by threatening the government of launching fasts is also condemnable,” he added.

Nanjangud MLA V Sreenivasa Prasad said corruption is deeply rooted from Parliament to panchayat and the recent scams and arrest of bigwigs at the national level was an indication to this. He described corruption as a parallel economy.

Earlier, he bemoaned the Dalit Sangharsh Samiti breaking into factions. “Although efforts were made to bring all factions together, it remains in square one,” he added.
DSS convener B G Sagar, Dayanand Mane, Gangadhar Murthy, district convener K P Mahalingu Kalkunda and others were present at the inaugural function.