'Proposal for tax rebate on handicrafts pending with govt'

'Proposal for tax rebate on handicrafts pending with govt'

Karnataka State Handicrafts Development Corporation Managing Director (Development) Komala said that a proposal seeking reduction of taxes on handicrafts is pending before the State Finance department.

Speaking at the valedictory of training programme on handicrafts designing and
technical development here on Monday, she said that the corporation has not incu-
rred any loss since almost a decade.

“The artisans are a happy lot now. While they are getting good price for their art works, the corporation is making  efforts to register profits. So, various facilities and benefits are being provided to the artisans. Houses will be constructed for them at Karakushala Nagar shortly. Title deeds will also be issued for their lands soon.

A proposal has been made to provide Rs 10,000 worth equipment for their
personal workshops. There is also provision to instal equipment worth up to Rs 10 lakh in community service centres. Fortunately, women are also taking interest in the art,” she said.

Nanjangud Government First Grade College professor Mahadeva Bharani said that
artisans were ambassadors  of Indian art and culture abroad.

“Handicrafts of Karnataka command a respect in most of the countries. They make us feel proud on foreign land,” he said. Corporation Assistant Director P Shashidhar said that artisans should update themselves to meet the needs of their connoisseurs and produce contemporary styles and designs.

Bahukushala Kala Sankeerna manager G Puttaswamy, Cauvery Handicrafts Centre manager S Parshuram, reti- red corporation assistant director S C Devaramani and designer Vittal Bhandary were present.

Karnataka State Handicrafts Development Corporation and Bahukushala Kala Sankeerna had jointly organised the programme.