PWD promotion meet held despite errors

PWD promotion meet held despite errors

Even as the Public Works Departments struggles to correct the errors in the seniority list of engineers, officials on Friday told that the departmental promotion committee (DPC) led by the chief secretary had decided to go ahead with the draft list "riddled with errors".

Interestingly, the proposal to fill 11 posts of engineer-in-chief in PWD, Water Resources and other departments came with the rider as the official document noted that the seniority list was riddled with errors.

"The draft seniority list of chief engineer cadre was published on September 6, 2019. However, there are many errors in the final list, which has made it impossible to finalise the same," the proposal placed before the chief secretary notes.

However, in the same breath, the department has requested the government to consider the 'erroneous' list to fill up the 11 vacant posts, which have remained vacant for years. "The department promotion committee meeting can be held based on the draft seniority list of chief engineers," the note said.

An official said the errors have cropped up due to the confusion over rules related to service and promotion. The department should have rectified them before going ahead with the DPC, he stated.