Rains flood low-lying areas in Chikkaballapur, Chintamani

Rains flood low-lying areas in Chikkaballapur, Chintamani

Traffic affected at old bus stand in the City

Rains flood low-lying areas in Chikkaballapur, Chintamani

The old bus stand in Chikkaballapur is flooded due to heavy rains on Thursday evening. The traffic was affected for some time as even M G Road was flooded. dhphoto

The absence of proper drainage facility in the region lead to the accumulation of rain water in the bus stand which disrupted the movement of vehicles for a brief period. The heavy downpour paralysed the old bus stand for more than 2 two hours.

This isn’t the time that traffic has been disrupted due to rains at old bus stand. The condition is similar with each heavy downpour.

However, City Municipal Council has been blind to this problem. Though the CMC officials travel on the same road day in day out they haven’t bothered to set rate the problem.


The stagnant rain water has lead to the creation of many potholes in the old bus stand region. Motorist in an attempt to avoid these potholes have met with accidents leading to sever injuries and in some cases death.

Though CMC is involved in filling these potholes it hasn’t brought significant changes. The reason: Rain washes away the gravel and other material used  to fill the pothole each time.
The CMC is incurring losses due to this, said former CMC vice-president Narayanaswamy.
The CMC should take immediate steps to provide proper drainage facility in the old bus stand region,  said Raitha Sangha leader C N Srinivas Naidu.

Heavy rain in Chintamani

Heavy rains lashed Chintamani taluk on Wednesday night resulting in flood of roads and low-lying areas in the taluk. The rains accompanied by lightning and thunder lashed the region for than an hour. Such rain had not been witnessed during this year’s monsoon. Like in most of the case there was no power in the town during the rains. A lorry toppled in Adrash Nagar as earth had caved in. Luckily no one was injured.

The Double road near park was flooded. Not only this M G Road, Subash Road, R K Nursing Home Road, Polytechnic Road and Cheluru Road were flood at few stretches.