Science sammelan from Sept 15

According to a press release, the sammelan will be on the theme ‘Protection of coastal environment and maintenance.”

The topics for presenting papers include chemical, biological and material sciences—Nagarjuneeyam; physical mathematical sciences—Bhaskariam;  agrcicultural, horticulture, fishery and veterinary sciences—Parasariyam; health and medical sciences including Ayurveda —Dhanvantharium; civil, mechanical, aerospace and transportation science—Bharadwajiyam; Electrical, electronics, communication and energy—G C Bhoshiam; cosmology, geology, geography, archeology, ecology and biodiversity—Vasundhariam; socio-economics sciences including economics, politics, history, commerce, management sciences—Kautilyam; Socio-cultural science including arts and music —Bharathiyam; Psycho-spiritual and philosophical sciences—pathanjaliyam.

Those who like to present papers in the sammelan can contact: H Ramesh, General Secretary, ‘Swadeshi sadana’ Guru Narayana Vidya Vihara, Hebbal, before July 15, the release informed.

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