Shiv Sena leader criticises Hegde

Shiv Sena leader Suresh Landage charged that Union Minister Anant Kumar Hegde is a 'budabudake' politician, and he has no value in the BJP itself.

"Mr Hegde tweeted that Shiv Sena is a 'collection party'. He lacks knowledge about the strength of Shiv Sena. He should know that Bal Thakeray expressed support to Narendra Modi when he was about to lose the post of Gujarat chief minister after Godhra incident. It helped him to become the prime minister later," Mr Landage told media persons here on Wednesday.

Shriram Sena chief Pramod Muthalik noted that BJP leaders are pseudo-Hindutva leaders, and they are using the name of Hindutva just for political gains. Many BJP leaders are interested to join Shiv Sena, while RSS leaders are also thinking to support it, he said.

Sri Siddhalinga Swamiji of Jevargi stated that Shiva Sena would field its candidates in 60 constituencies in Assembly elections, and the first list of candidates would be released by April 10.

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