Sports meet for specially abled in Dec

In order to provide specially abled and physically challenged children a platform in sports arena, the Department of Youth Services and Sports has chalked out a plan towards the organisation of a sports meet for specially abled in December.

A special grant of Rs 70,000 is being reserved for the sports meet under the action plan of the State Government, which bats for the reservation of three per cent of the funds solely for physically challenged people in each government department.

Department of Youth empowerment and Sports Deputy Director (Additional In-charge) P Parshwanath told Deccan Herald that the sports meet will be arranged for the cause of special children who are challenged either physically or mentally, in order to bring them into the mainstream of society.

 “Some special children have hidden talents in them which need to be explored through various activities such as sports and cultural events etc. For instance, some special kids are very good at indoor games like chess etc, but they will hardly have the opportunity to showcase their abilities,” he said.

“In several cases, the parents of special kids would not be wanting their children to mingle with normal kids. Hence, the special children will be isolated in most of the cases and will develop an inferiority complex and there is a need to enlighten the parents in this regard by creating confidence in them that even their children can execute their abilities as good as normal children, when provided with opportunities. The special sports meet is planned with this sole objective” he said.

‘M’lore doing good’

Parshwanath added that several schools meant for specially abled children are doing good job in Mangalore and the department of sports will have the privilege of assisting these organisations, by conducting various events for specially abled. “If at least 10 per cent extraordinary children are recognised, it will be a great step towards the encouragement of such kids,” he said.

Special coaches

The department of Youth empowerment and Sports will coordinate with special schools and deploy special coaches to train the participants of sports events, Sports Deputy Director  said and added that there will be an opportunity for interested youth to participate as volunteers in the special sports meet.

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