Students breathe life into science

Students breathe life into science

Day-long expo at SDM college for women brings youngsters creativity to fore

Experiments: A chemical spurts out of a test tube even as student demonstrates an experiment at the day-long science exhibition organised at MMK and SDM College for Women in Mysore on FridayInstead, several games revolving around mathematics caught the attention of visitors at the day-long science exhibition organised in the college campus on Friday.

While a few emerged victorious solving numerous puzzles arranged by the students with the help of their lecturers, the remaining lot were seen racking their brains to avoid embarrassment of failing in their task.

Among the attractions at the exhibition was a colourful painting of Ganesha created using numbers. Visitors were asked to identify the numbers from zero to nine.

Apart from the department of mathematics, the exhibition also comprised models prepared by PU students in biology, chemistry, computer science, physics and electronics.

Harmoniums once played by legends are rarely seen nowadays. An electronic harmonium by Kavya P, Pooja J S and Sandhya M V used electronic circuits to generate different notes similar to original harmoniums.


Computer science students Nisarga and Pragna had taken an innovative computer programme to earn money as well as keep visitors interested. They had taken a software to generate horoscopes and charged Rs five for each horoscope. Visitors had to give their date of birth and name to get details about their horoscopes, which was given in printed format.  With increasing use of electronics, Shriya G Jain, Shreya and Shrujana G were concerned about the electronic-waste accumulating in the country. They provided a fresh perspective on dealing with e-waste by suggesting that a CD-ROM could be turned into a clock. Even floppy disks could be turned into pen-holders, according to the trio.

The sight of blood can cause many to faint, but not Amritha and Bindhu of first year PUC, because they show how to draw painless blood. Pouring Ferric Chloride and Ammonium Thiocyanate on their skin, they slashed a knife across their skin, which turned red. They said that when the two solutions mixed with each other it produced the colour of blood.
Farheen, Zeba and Sumaya of second PUC were concerned about the life in the oceans. A colourful display of different levels of the ocean including the continental Shelf and fishes were also shown in the representation.