This man develops over 50,000 plants every year

This man develops over 50,000 plants every year

This man develops over 50,000 plants every year

They even do not remember who gave the plants to them or which hands worked behind the production of the saplings.

Have a visit to a nursery of the Forest department located near Ganapathikatte of Kalasa, and you will understand the pains one Gopal, a temporary employee of the Forest department, has taken in producing the plants.

Gopal of Kerekatte village in Sringeri taluk, who has been a temporary staff in the Kalasa nursery since 1992, has never worried that he is not being regularised. However, he becomes anxious if he does not get the seeds of the trees he wants during the rainy season!

The role of Gopal is vital in developing over 50,000 plants of various species in the nursery every year.

He spends a lot of time in forests to collect seeds in the rainy season. He is satisfied only when he sees a majority number of seeds sprouting.

Later, he starts transplanting them into individual plastic bags with the help of some other workers.

Irrigating these plants on a regular basis is the favourite job of Gopal. Under his supervision, there is no scope for weeds in the whole area.

“The Kalasa nursery gets the best results every year due to the rich experience and skills of Gopal,” appreciates Range Forest Officer Clifford Lobo.

“I have been working with the department for a low salary for the past 17 years. I have been told that my service will be regularised this year. Don’t know what happens...” says Gopal; however, the next moment his duty consciousness awakens, “Inform me if you have good jackfruit seeds in your home; I’ll come tomorrow.”

It’s only if the saplings we plant survive, the labour of people like Gopal becomes meaningful.

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