Tipu's place in history is permanent: Khader

Tipu's place in history is permanent: Khader

Former minister U T Khader

If the BJP government erases lessons on Tipu Sultan from the textbooks, it is not a loss for the Congress or Tipu Sultan. It is a loss to the students, former minister U T Khader said on Thursday.

“Tomorrow they (BJP) will erase lessons on Mahatma Gandhi and even Ambedkar from the textbooks,” he said, while responding to the government’s decision to erase lessons on Tipu Sultan at DCC hall.

“Even if the BJP government erases the lessons, Tipu Sultan’s place in history and in the museum in the UK cannot be erased,” he stressed.

“If we pass through Devanahalli and ask about the Fort, people will say it is Tipu’s Fort. If you go to Srirangapatna and ask who built the Ranganath Temple, people will say that it was constructed by Tipu Sultan. In Kollur, people perform the Tipu Salam,” he said, highlighting how Tipu Sultan’s name has been cemented in history.

Khader also criticised the BJP government for spending crores on advertisements when it did not even have
Rs 50,000 for a beneficiary in Chembugudde who had lost his house.