Villagers in Kodagu struggle for potable water

Villagers in Kodagu struggle for potable water

Pail of woes

Flood victims in Kodagu, who returned to their houses, are struggling to fetch potable water. The drinking water sources have gone haywire in the affected villages.

The landslides affected 32 villages of Hebbattageri, Devastooru, Kalooru, Galibeedu, Madapura, Makkodlu and Mandalpatti which are still covered with soil. The villagers here are struggling to fetch even a pot of water. Muddy water still flows in a rivulet at Devastooru.

The water from rivulets and rivers are not yet suitable for drinking. Hence, the villagers, who returned to their houses from relief centres, are struggling to get waterfor driking.

The district administration has been supplying water through tankers to several villages for the past one week.

A majority of the villagers in the district were using the naturally available water from rivers, streams and wells. Most houses had their own well in their yards. Many were diverting naturally available water from hilly ranges for day-to-day use. The open wells have disappeared due to landslides. The mini waterfalls and streams have changed their course. More than 100 wells in 32 villages are filled with soil from landslides. The banks of over 10 lakes have overflowing.

The residents of Hebbattageri Shalemane Paisari had installed pipes to a lake on the hilly ranges and were using the water round the year. The landslides have taken away the pipes. Without the water sources, the villagers are now depending on water from stormwater drains for washing clothes and cleaning vessels. The water will go dry within a month, the villagers said.

Speaking to DH, Devasthooru villager Cariappa said, “I have been drawing water from a well for the last 30 years and had not sought water connection from the Gram Panchayat. The water from the well was sufficient to irrigate farm land as well. Now, the well is completely filled with soil.”