Will railway line to N R Pura be realised?

Will railway line to N R Pura be realised?

The Narasimharajapura taluk centre that had railway connectivity prior to independence, had to lose the facility when Bhadra reservoir project was taken up.

 However, the recent proposal of Union Minister of State for Railways K H Muniyappa of providing railway connectivity to Sringeri had raised hopes. Unfortunately, the proposal of the minister remained only on paper. But the Union Railway budget presented last week has disappointed the people here without fulfilling the demands of the people. 

Before the commencement of Bhandra reservoir project, a tramway was commissioned on May 15, 1917 to facilitate the citizens of Tarikere to Narasimharajapura. The route passed via Tarikere, Lakkavalli, Hosalli, Tadasa before reaching NRPura. Another route connecting Tadasa and Hebbe was commissioned on February 5, 1921, which was cancelled in 1949. The distance between N R Pura and Tarikere was 42.81 km. 

It was said that the tramway was commmissioner to transport iron and steel to Vishweshwaraiah Iron and Steel factory in Bhadravathi. The goods train was plying to Bhadravathi Junction, Kanagalasara, Maridibba, Nelagadde, Kodihalli, Muthinakoppa and Aramballi. Using this route, the distance to Bhadravathi was only 22 km. Muthinakoppa too had a railway station. When industries started using coal, the train stopped chugging in 1970s. 

A memorandum was submitted to the authorities to use the parallel railway line to the submerged railway line for passenger service in 1959. However, owing to lack of will power by the elected representatives, the proposal was not materialised. In 1980, VISL Company removed the railway tracks on the route. If train service has to be recommissioned, then this route can be viable and cost effective. The route which was laid after obtaining permission from the forest department is still in tact. The authorities have only to lay the railway tracks.

When Deve Gowda was Prime Minister, a proposal on laying railwayline to Sringeri was submitted. In fact, fund was earmarked for the survey. However, the proposal remained neglected owing to lack of will power. 

With the proposal of K H Muniyappa, the MLAs, MP and members of the Planning Commission had made the Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa write a letter to the Union Railways Minister Mamata Banerjee for pressurising her to sanction the nearest route (ie, 85 km)- via Bhadravathi, N R Pura and Koppa. But the 2010 Railway Budget proposed a survey for Belur-Sringeri route, the one which was identified during British rule and connects Belur-Mudigere-Balehonnur-Sringeri. However, it is learnt that the route has not received permission from the Ministry of environment. Had the Minister okayed the Bhadravathi route, not only people of N R Pura would have been benefited. It would have also provided connectivity to Bangalore-Mysore-Harihara-Konkan Railway. 

The newly elected MP K Jayaprakash Hegde said that he will make an effort to provide railway connectivity from Bhadravathi to Sringeri. MLA D N Jeevraj said an attempt was made to provide railway connectivity from Sringeri-Bhadravathi. However, the Centre okayed Belur-Sringeri route. Unfortunately, the survey was not carried even to this day. There is no mention of railway connectivity in this budget as well.