Karnataka HC designates18 advocates as senior counsels

Karnataka HC designates18 advocates as senior counsels

The Karnataka High Court has designated 18 advocates, including three women, as senior counsels. The names also include the likes of advocates A S Ponnana and Sandesh Chouta, who are currently serving as Additional Advocate Generals.

The newly designated senior counsels are R V Subramanya Naik, Gurumath Gangadhar Rudramuni Sharma, R V Prasad, Hashmath Pasha, T S Amar Kumar, Gurudas Shyamrao Kannur, Kuloor Arvind Kamath, K N Phanindra, G Shivadass, Arun Kumar K, Srinivasa Raghavan V, A S Ponnanna, Sandesh J Chouta, M Nagaprasanna and Shankar A .

The three women advocates, who have been designated as senior counsels are S Susheela, Lakshmy Iyengar and Jayna Kothari. Jayna is the co-founder of the Centre for Law and Policy Research, and practices in the Karnataka High Court and the Supreme Court.

The names of Gurudas Kannur, Arvind Kamath and K N Phanindra were recommended by the HC collegium for elevation as HC judges. However, the names were remitted to the high court by the Supreme Court Collegium for fresh consideration by the present collegium.

This designation is also the first to be implemented after the apex court’s judgment in Indira Jaising’s case, following which the system of designating senior advocates underwent a change.

Justice Pavankumar Bhimappa Bajanthri of the Punjab and Haryana High Court and Justice Alok Aradhe of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court were sworn in as judges of the Karnataka High Court on Saturday. A formal welcome will be accorded on Monday.