Administration under BSY-led BJP govt collapsed: Cong

Administration under BSY-led BJP govt collapsed: Dinesh Gundu Rao

The Congress in Karnataka on Thursday alleged that administration under B S Yediyurappa-led government in the state has "collapsed" as the Chief Minister is faced with "internal pressure and also humiliation" from BJP high command regarding proposed Ministry expansion.

The principal opposition party in the state assembly also said that the BJP government was the "most corrupt" and termed it as "20 per cent" (commission) government. "I'm sorry about the way this government is functioning, the CM seems to be under huge pressure, the national President (of BJP) is humiliating our Chief Minister by not giving him time and appointment, is this the way to behave with the Chief Minister of a state?" KPCC Chief Dinesh Gundu Rao asked.

Speaking to reporters here, he said the affairs of the state are in "very pathetic condition," as there is no development and funds were not coming from the government of India. "There is a huge shortfall in the GST, NRGA arrears, and the amount given for flood relief is not significant enough.

The Chief Minister himself has said that he doesn't have enough money and has expressed hope that he will be able to generate more funds next year. He (CM) is in a helpless situation economically, politically and in all aspects, adding to that is pressure for Minister berth," he said.

Yediyurappa, who is anxiously waiting for the BJP high command's nod to expand his ministry, amid intense lobbying by the aspirants, on Wednesday said he will complete the exercise after BJP national president Amit Shah's visit to the state on January 18. As the Chief Minister has already made it clear that 11 of the disqualified JDS-Congress MLAs who got re-elected in the bypolls on BJP tickets will be made ministers, lobbying has been on within the party for the remaining ministerial berths. Currently there are 18 Ministers, including the Chief Minister in the cabinet that has a sanctioned strength of 34.

Calling Yediyurappa government as the "most corrupt", Rao said the Prime Minister had called the then Congress government under Siddaramaiah as the 10 per cent commission government, but it should be applicable to this BJP government. "This is not 10 per cent, but 20 per cent government, because every minister has opened up shop, they are just looting the state, they want to make money as much as possible. you have seen the money spent during by-elections and engineering defections, obviously they want to recover the money they have spent so they are looting the state, it is very sad for Karnataka," he said. Ahead of 2018 assembly elections in Karnataka, Modi repeatedly addressed the then Siddaramaiah ministry as "seedha rupaiah government (a government that takes bribes for work) and "10 per cent commission government".

Reacting to graffiti incident at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, the KPCC chief said, "BJP goons threatening physical violence on students and commenting on the way they dress, shows that that party has become a fascist organisation". "If any one speaks which is not in tune with what they (BJP) believe- then they call those people- anti-nationals, anti-Hindu, they abuse such people. This is not the way the democracy has to function," he said, condemning BJP MLA S R Vishwanath and his supporters terming them as "BJP goons". Rao said, he trusts that the Chief Minister will take appropriate action and warn his party people, adding that just because someone critise BJP or Prime Minister it doesn't make them anti-national or Hindu.

Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology here has decided to remain shut for two days after a group of BJP workers on Tuesday wiped out graffiti on its outer walls, claiming it was anti-Modi and allegedly warned them against any anti CAA agitation there. Conceding that there has been a much delay in appointing new KPCC president after his resignation which is yet to be accepted, Rao hoped that the party will take a decision at the earliest. ".. I think soon they will take a decision, there is already much delay, I don't think it should have been delayed so much, so they need to take a decision quickly. I'm sure high command will take a quick decision on this," he said.

Rao had quit as KPCC President after the party posted a poor show, winning only two seats, as against the 12 it had held of the 15 which went to the bypolls on December five. Senior Congress leader D K Shivakumar is seen as the front runner for the post, but according to sources CLP leader Siddaramaiah is said to be pitching for his confidant and senior leader M B Patil for the post, and had recently met Congress President Sonia Gandhi in this regard.