Emotional Limbavali seeks probe into video clip

Emotional Limbavali seeks probe into video clip

Aravind Limbavali, BJP State General Secretary (DH File Photo/S K Dinesh)

BJP general secretary Arvind Limbavali turned emotional when JD(S) MLA Shivalinge Gowda demanded that the state curtail social media from spreading defamatory videos.

Gowda sought a discussion on the video allegedly related to Limbavali, which was doing rounds on social media.

"If this is not stopped, there might be day when people behind it will do the same to us. We have to discuss the issue," he said.

Stepping to Limbavali's defence, Leader of the Opposition B S Yeddyurappa urged Gowda not to discuss the issue, adding that Limbavali had nothing to do with it.

Limbavali turned emotional, saying that he was hurt by these allegations. "This shouldn't happen to anybody and many hands are behind it. I am hurt and request you to consider how my children will look at me and how it will affect them," he said.

Earlier in the day, he had suspected the involvement of his party colleagues in the release of the video.

"There has been a conspiracy against me. A couple of leaders of the BJP have connived with the JD(S) and Congress. I will disclose everything at an appropriate time," he told reporters.

Limbavali had also filed a police complaint recently claiming that a morphed video aimed at defaming him was being circulated on social media.