JD(S) spending Rs 150 cr in Mandya: audio clip

JD(S) spending Rs 150 cr in Mandya: audio clip

Chetangowda, son of Mandya MP L R Shivaramegowda

An audio clip, said to be of a conversation between Chetangowda, son of Mandya MP L R Shivaramegowda, and P Ramesh, former JD(S) worker, in which money matters for the Lok Sabha elections are discussed, has gone viral.

In the conversation, Chetangowda is believed to have said that the JD(S) was spending nearly Rs 150 crore to ensure victory of JD(S) candidate Nikhil. The speaker said the party is spending Rs 5 lakh each for booths. The constituency has 2,800 booths. The JD(S) has contractors across the constituency and they will distribute the money, he has said, adding, the party will provide mutton and chicken to voters.

“For the first time, H D Deve Gowda's family is spending money. Till now, the money was going inside the house. Now funds are coming out,” Chetan Gowda reportedly told the Bengaluru-based former JD(S) worker.

When Ramesh asked why Shivaramegowda was making personal attacks on Independent candidate Sumalatha Ambareesh, Chetan said, "Deve Gowda has instructed his father to do so."

Speaking to DH, Chetan, however, denied that it was his voice in the conversation. He said, the audio clippings were released by the political opponents. They have released two audios in my name and the voice is different in both the audio clips.

CM denies cash politics

Meanwhile, Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy, during campaigning at Bharatinagar, denied the allegations that crores are being distributed to booths to lure voters. He said the JD(S) had never indulged in cash politics. He urged the voters not to listen to baseless charges.

Sumalatha approaches EC

Independent candidate Sumalatha said, "I have approached the Election Commission to take legal action against the JD(S) for using money power to lure voters."