Legislative Council ruckus: Show-cause notice to Secy

Karnataka Legislative Council pandemonium: Show-cause notice to Council secretary

Going by the visuals, it appears that the secretary was hand in glove with the ruling party, Shetty said

Security personnel attempt to stop ruckus between BJP and Congress leaders, which broke out over the chairman post, during the Karnataka Legislative Council in Bengaluru. Credit: PTI

While the blame game continues between Congress and BJP over who was responsible for the December 15 Legislative Council ruckus, Chairperson Pratapchandra Shetty has now issued a show-cause notice to Council secretary KR Mahalakshmi citing dereliction of duty.

Going by the visuals captured of the proceedings that day, it appears that the secretary was facilitating the ruling party's attempt to take over the Chairperson's seat, Shetty has said.

"Bringing shame to the House, some legislators stopped me from entering the House and later allowed the deputy chairperson to occupy my chair. I direct you to submit a detailed report on everything that transpired in the House before I was able to enter and even after I left the premises," the notice stated.

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That apart, the recorded visuals show that the secretary, who is supposed to be in-charge of the House in the chairperson's absence, did not intervene when the deputy chairperson occupied the seat "illegally". It appeared that the secretary had failed in her duty by handing out files to the deputy chairperson, facilitating him to continue the session without the Chairperson, Shetty has said.

"You have acted in violation of the rules and beyond the scope of your position as the secretary," Shetty stated, asking Mahalakshmi why action should not be initiated against her under Karnataka Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules.

Mahalakshmi has been asked to respond to the notice within 48 hours.

On December 15, Congress, JD(S) and BJP legislators brawled over the Council Chairperson's seat, leading to a ruckus in the House. The Council was adjourned sine die following the incident.

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