Maha govt working for toppling K’taka coalition: Chavan

Maha govt working for toppling K’taka coalition: Chavan

Ashok Chavan

The Congress has accused the BJP of muzzling democracy by attempting to topple the democratically-elected government in Karnataka.

“The BJP is muzzling democracy,” former Maharashtra Congress president and ex-chief minister Ashok Chavan said.

He accused the Devendra Fadnavis-headed government in Maharashtra for working towards toppling the government in Karnataka instead of addressing people’s issues.

“The BJP has a dictatorial mindset which doesn’t want to allow state governments headed by opposition parties to function. Their singular agenda to ensure downfall of opposition parties led government’s by hook or crook including misusing government machinery. BJP wrested power in similar ways in Goa, Bihar, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur.the focus is now on west Bengal and Karnataka,” he said.

He said that BJP leaders had brought Congress legislators by private flights to Mumbai and had kept at five-star hotels. “The richest political party is luring legislators from other parties under pressure of money and this needs to be condemned,” Chavan said.