'Mandyada Gandu' BSY keeps promise: Puttaraju ridicules

'Mandyada Gandu' Yediyurappa keeps promise: Puttaraju ridicules

MLA C S Puttaraju on Saturday ridiculed Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa by calling as 'Mandyada Gandu' (Man of Mandya) and said, Yediyurappa will keep his promise made for 17 MLAs, who crossed over.

Puttaraju was speaking to reporters here and said, “Mandyada Gandu’ will induct all the 17 persons, who were responsible for the formation of BJP government in the state, into his cabinet. JD(S) leaders never keep their promises but, Yediyurappa will never fail to keep up his promise,” Puttaraju ridiculed.

“Mandya has no district in-charge minister and Deputy Commissioner is the minister for the district. He is working on behalf of the government,” Puttaraju commented.