Modi's Cong-bashing to boomerang: RVD

Modi's Cong-bashing to boomerang: RVD

R V Deshpande

"Narendra Modi is telling lies that Congress did injustice to the country. Did everything like dams and roads came only after Modi came to power? Such false statements of Modi would boomerang for him," said Revenue Minister R V Deshpande.

While seeking votes, one should highlight the performance and manifesto. One should know that people have created and defeated big leaders, he said.

Speaking to media persons here on Monday, Deshpande noted that BJP's campaigning is all about Modi's name, and not about government's works.

Modi government could not perform well, and could not fulfill assurances mentioned in its manifesto. Growth of the manufacturing sector is negative, and unemployment is a big problem. UPA government at the Centre and Congress government at the State introduced very helpful welfare measures, while people might have been repented for not giving the mandate for Congress in 2018 Assembly elections, he felt.

Loan to Centre

NDA government at the Centre has not released around Rs 2,000 crore to Karnataka to pay the wages of workers under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), and for the first time, the State government itself has given Rs 500 crore credit to the Centre to pay the wages. Deshpande said.

The Centre has released only half of around Rs 950 crore sanctioned as input subsidy for farmers in the State, in the background of drought in Kharif season in 2018, he noted.

When asked about Lingayat issue, Deshpande stated that he has not seen Congress candidate Vinay Kulkarni seeking votes in the name of caste or community.

Admitting that caste and money are playing major roles in recent elections, Deshpande noted that all parties, governments, and Election Commission of India should think about bringing reforms in the situation, he added.

Deshpande also predicted that the Congress-JD(S) alliance would win 21 to 22 seats in the State, including Dharwad constituency.

MLA Prasad Abbayya, I G Sanadi, Mahendra Singhi, Altaf Hallur, Anilkumar Patil, and others were present.