Shivakumar targeted for not joining BJP: MP

Shivakumar targeted for not joining BJP: MP

D K Shivakumar.

Bangalore Rural MP D K Suresh on Saturday said D K Shivakumar was paying a heavy price for rejecting the invitation by the BJP to join the party.

Addressing the Congress workers, the MP said, "Chidambaram and Shivakumar are being targeted for they are stonewalling the BJP's plans to make a big foray into South India. Shivakumar is subjected to torture by the ED officers despite the fact that he's cooperating with the IOs. We are not allowed to meet him. The ED officers are acting at the behest of the BJP leaders, charged Suresh, who returned to his constituency from Delhi after a month.

"We will continue our battle in court. I am confident that the court will absolve Shivakumar of all charges," the MP said.

He warned the news channels of filing defamation suits if they continue to broadcast false and baseless news against Shivakumar and his family.