State flag: Siddu for Kannada pride, hits out at BJP

State flag: Siddu for Kannada pride, hits out at BJP

Former chief minister Siddaramaiah. PTI file photo

Has Karnataka’s anthem (nadageete) insulted the national anthem in any way?

This was Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader Siddaramaiah’s post to Kannada & Culture Minister CT Ravi on Friday, after the BJP government said it will not pursue with the Centre a separate flag the state can call its own. 

“It is wrong on the part of Ravi to oppose our state flag. The state is not barred by the Constitution or any law to have its own state flag. BJP government’s stand is against the sentiments of Kannadigas,” Siddaramaiah said in a tweet, as he looked to invoke Kannada pride against the ruling BJP. 

On Thursday, Ravi said that the BJP government believed in the ‘one nation’ theory and that the Constitution allowed only one flag, which is the tricolour. 

“Have we not accepted our State Anthem? Has that, in any way, insulted our National Anthem? We just have to hoist other flags below the national flag & that will be our responsibility,” said Siddaramaiah, who had championed the cause for the state flag by formally recommending to the Centre that a yellow-white-red flag designed by an expert committee be included under the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Misuse) Act, 1950. 

Siddaramaiah also pointed out that many Kannada activists, including veteran writer Patil Puttappa, insisted on a state flag. “(An) expert committee studied the same & designed the flag which was submitted to the Central government for its approval. But now the state government is opposing the same. This should be condemned,” he said.