Kites claim Belagavi skies

Kites claim Belagavi skies

Kites claim Belagavi skies

Kites of all shapes and sizes claimed the skies, riding the winds to outlast the rest at the fifth edition of the Belagavi International Kite Festival here on Saturday.

Kite flyers displayed their manoeuvring skills, training their kites to catch the high wind from the ground at the Angadi Institute of Technology and Management in Savgaon, where the kite festival was organised by former MLA Abhay Patil.

The festival brought together 20 international kite flyers and 30 flyers from across the country. The sky was a riot of colours with kites of all shapes, sizes and from different cultural backgrounds.

Stable winds led the kites higher and ensured a visual delight for the spectators at the festival. Kites in the shape of animals and birds brought smiles to the faces of children. Parachute kites were used to lift the tiger-shaped kites into altitude.

Members of the Golden Kite Club from Mumbai (established in the year 1973) flew box and delta kites, a kite-train, and kites shaped like birds and spiderman.

Member Dilip Kapadi said it was his second visit to the City and that the air and environs here facilitated kite-flying for long hours.

Stanislav Kolbintsev from Russia flew six forms of kites, with Indian and Russian culture-based drawings.

Przemyslaw Stanislaw Lasecki and other three others from Poland flew delta and many other types of kites.

Loescher Claudio Federico from Argentina, participating in the festival with two-line and four-line sports kites, said that the sudden gutsy wind spell makes manoeuvring the kites difficult. Member of Parliament Suresh Angadi inaugurated the festival.