'Koli Churumuri' to woo Bellary voters

One might just not be surprised if new dishes are churned out from the kitchens of candidates contesting for the Panchayat elections to lure gullible voters. After trying their hands with sarees and dhotis, liquor and cash, the candidates are all set to satiate the taste buds of the electorate.

Offering lip-smacking snacks or organising luncheons might be a tried and tested method during elections, yet experimenting with new dishes is catching the fancy of the candidates.
As usual, the candidates are banking heavily on the Bellarians’ all-time favourite - Oggarane Churumuri and Menasinakayi Bajji. You are not considered a perfect host if the guests are deprived of these dishes during wedding ceremonies, anniversaries and birthdays. The Oggarane Churumuri now modified to Koli Oggarane (chicken mixed with churumuri) is said to have been distributed in full spree.

Koli Oggarane is said to have assumed popularity in several villages in the district including Sirivara, Kapagallu, Sanganahallu, Onenuru, Moka, Korlagundi, and Shridharagadde. It is learnt that in Kapagallu alone, 150 kg chicken oggarane was prepared and distributed on Friday. It is alleged that even hens were distributed in Kurugodu, Emmiganuru and the surrounding villages.

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