Liquor sale now under Sakala in Karnataka

Liquor sale now under Sakala in Karnataka

In a move being welcomed by multiple liquor associations in the state, CM H D Kumaraswamy-led Karnataka Cabinet has brought the sale of liquor under Sakala.

According to a ToI report, the move comes following repeated complaints by traders against the excise department's rampant corruption and arm-twisting to eke out more revenue. The traders alleged that the department is forcing them to lift more stock of hard liquor over beer as it brings in more revenue.

As many as 39 services in the excise department, including issuing and renewal of licences, have been brought under Sakala, and PwC is studying the excise department's work process to get more services into it.

Sunil Panwar, additional mission director of Sakala, said that the aim of bringing the excise department under it is to bring transparency and eliminate corruption from the department.

However, the excise department is reluctant to change to an electronic process, citing the possibility of bigger chains eating into the revenue and market held by smaller traders. The department's additional commissioner, SL Rajendra Prasad, said the department is not against going online but there must be due diligence.