Lokayukta resumes work 45 days after he was stabbed

Lokayukta resumes work 45 days after he was stabbed

Lokayukta Justice P Vishwanath Shetty

Lokayukta Justice P Vishwanath Shetty resumed work on Monday after a break of 45 days.

Justice Shetty sustained severe multiple stab injuries by one of the complainants in his chamber at the Lokayukta office on March 7, 2018.

The Lokayukta staff had immediately apprehended the attacker Tejraj Sharma, a complainant who was upset over the closure of his complaints.

The 73-year-old Lokayukta was welcomed by his office staff in the morning. "It was God's intervention that saved me," was Justice Shetty's initial reaction after resuming work.

On his instructions, the staff at the Lokayukta office shifted his seat to the other corner of the chamber.

"It was an unexpected attack on me. It was so horrible that I don't even want the memory to bother me when I am inside the chamber. I feel lucky to have survived the ghastly attack," Justice Shetty said.

Speaking to DH, Justice Shetty recalled how he used to be polite to each and every visitor.

"I still remember how I offered him the seat when he (Sharma) entered my chamber. Though it was unexpected, I resisted his attack using my left hand. At this age, I feel I could not have survived, but for divine intervention and concern that the people of the state have shown. My body needs more rest, but I decided to resume work keeping in mind the pending cases,'' he said.

On complaints filed by Sharma, the Lokayukta said he remembers each and every case and that complaints are not closed mechanically.

"During the stage of recovery, I was remembering the cases I had closed. People should not think that complaints are closed without application of mind. I remember reading the complaint, the enquiry report filed thereafter on one of the cases filed by him. It was no doubt a frivolous complaint and hence, I ordered to close the complaint. I was earning good money practising as a senior advocate at the Supreme Court. The only reason I accepted the offer to become Lokayukta was to serve the poor. That is also the reason why I am back in Lokayukta office even after this attack,'' Justice Shetty said.

The office of the Lokayukta has installed a separate metal detector right at the entrance of Justice Shetty's chamber. The Lokayukta has also been assigned a gunman who will be with Justice Shetty even inside his chamber during the visiting hours, an official said.

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