'Made mistake by allowing Sahitya Sammelana in Dharwad'

Kannada Sahitya Parishad(KSP) State President Manu Baligar. (DH Photo)

Kannada Sahitya Parishad (KSP) State President Manu Baligar courted controversy by stating that Sammelana committee made a mistake by giving approval to Dharwad to conduct the 84th Akhila Bharat Kannada Sahitya Sammelana.

In a call record released by pro-Kannada activists of Dharwad here on Friday, Baligar is heard saying ‘it has been a mistake to organise the Sammelana at Dharwad and if you wish to ruin the programme please go ahead.’

Baligar said these harsh words after Karnataka Sangrama Sena State president Sanjeev Dhumaknal asked the KSP president to remove Karnataka Nava Nirman president Bhimashankar Patil’s name from the list of people to be felicitated during the Sammelana scheduled from January 4 to 6.

The pro-Kannada organisation in Dharwad are opposing the inclusion of Patil’s name in the awardees list, as there are allegations of cheating and corruption against him. “You (Sanjeev) are the 11th person to call me asking me to delete his name. However, none of you have provided me any proof substantiating your claims. I know Patil for his pro-Kannada activity and not about his ‘cheating cases’. If you provide any proof I will drop his name,” Baligar is heard saying.

Local pro-Kannada organisations have claimed that this is not for the first time that Baligar is repenting for allotting Akhila Bharat Kannada Sahitya Sammelana to Dharwad. The Pro-Kannada organisations of North Karnataka have been demanding more representation of Kannada activists and Mahadayi agitators of the region at the event, which, according to them is receiving stiff resistance.

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