Mahakali idol of Hassan’s Hoysala-era temple restored

Mahakali idol of Hassan’s Hoysala-era temple restored

The Mahakali idol at Doddagaddavalli in Hassan taluk.

The idol of Mahakali at Mahalakshmi temple of the Hoysala era at Doddagaddavalli in the taluk has been fixed by experts from Chennai.

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) officials said sculptors from Chennai, who arrived on November 23, stayed in the village and repaired the idol. “CCTV cameras will be installed in the temple and it will be opened for visitors, in a fortnight,” they said.

Some treasure hunters had entered the 800-year-old temple by breaking open the door and had damaged the idol. The incident had come to light on November 20.

It is suspected that the idol was damaged when the miscreants tried to lift it from the pedestal while searching for a treasure. A priest used to leave the temple after puja, every day, and it was taken care of by the ASI. There was none to guard the temple, during the night.