'18% GST on art, culture not justifiable'

Theatre activist and filmmaker M S Sathyu said theatre was nothing but absolute passion which requires ultimate zeal in order to obtain success.

He was addressing the gathering after presenting the Karnataka state Nataka Academy’s honorary award and annual awards to 30 theatre personalities. “Theatre is a unique art with a magnetic attraction that pulls the artists. The artists are entitled to the madness which is imbibed within the art.”

He added that without the enthusiasm to immerse completely in the aesthetic value, there was no madness that can be achieved in the act.

Strongly condemning the central government’s decision to impose GST on culture, song, dance and poets meet, the filmmaker maintained that theater was a form of art and culture and 18% GST was not justifiable.

He urged artists to raise their voice and protest against the imposition of GST on art and culture.

He said the pressure should be mounted on the government to take measures
on ensuring that art and
culture flourishes.

Sadly, the government is not acting in this direction, he lamented. He described the efforts of Ranga Shankara in promoting theatre as exemplary.  The honorary award was presented to P Gangadharawamy.

As many as three books including ‘Udupi Zilla Rangamahiti’ by Padma Kodagu, ‘Avibhijita Dharwad Zilla Rangamahiti’ by Basavaraj Bengeri, and ‘Rahimanavva Kalmani’ by Ganesh Amingadh, were released on the occasion.

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