46 trees to be felled

46 trees to be felled

A tree was felled in front of the police station on T H Road in Ajjampura.

As many as 46 trees will be felled to facilitate the work on widening the road from Kannada Noothana School to Railway Gate in Ajjampura. 

Already 19 trees have been felled to facilitate the work. The felling of the trees has not gone down well with environmentalists.

“The trees that were bearing fruits and providing shelter for birds will be no more on the stretch,” said the residents. 

With the felling of the trees, T H Road will lose its beauty. With this, only a concrete structure will be visible on the road, said Channappa of Chintana Foundation. 

Resident Harish said, “It is a tragedy that the green patch on the stretch is giving way to a concrete structure. However, road widening is essential to check the density of traffic.” 

Environmentalists said the trees are essential to maintain balance in nature.