‘Aatid Onji Thamana’ highlighted uniqueness of Aati

‘Aatid Onji Thamana’ highlighted uniqueness of Aati

Dignitaries at the inauguration of ‘Padimancha-Aatid Onji Thamana’ at Sharada Degree College at Devinagara in Talapady.

The Tulu Club of Sharada Degree College, Devinagara, Talapady organised, ‘Padimancha-Aatid Onji Thamana’, a one-day inter-class Tulu cultural fest for all its students.

The fest is the signature event of the college in celebrating the month of ‘Aati’. The highlight of the fest was that each class had to depict the rich Tulu culture, tradition and lifestyle in their respective classrooms in a creative and traditional way. In order to do so, the students decorated their entire classrooms, wore traditional attire, arranged Tulu antiques, prepared food items and sang songs.

The fest showcased the rich Tulunadu food cuisine, rare antiques, medicinal plants and leaves and the ancient customs.

Prof M B Puranik, President of Sharada Educational Institutions, inaugurated the fest and said, “Nature is a special gift to humans and our Tuluva forefathers have used it in a special way for worship in remembering all the God’s of nature. Our protection and survival is because of nature and we have to take care of it like a child.”

Dr Kabinale Balakrishna Bharadwaj, principal of the college highlighted the speciality of ‘Aatid Onji Dina’.

Vivek Thanthri, CEO, Sharada Vidyanikethan and others were present.

The IIIrd Bcom ‘Noga’ team won the first place, while 1st Bcom, ‘Ujjera’ bagged the second place and IIIrd BBA, ‘Muttale’ secured the third place in various competitions.