Action against previous dargah committee urged

Action against previous dargah committee urged

President and office-bearers of the Syed Madani Mohalla Okkuta, Ullal, have alleged that the previous administrative committee of the dargah headed by Abdul Rasheed, has indulged in illegalities.

Ullal Syed Madani Mohalla Okkuta President P S Muhammed Shihabuddin Sakhafi Al Kamil addressed the media on Wednesday.  

He said that the previous administrative committee had been dissolved as per the government orders issued on November 21, 2019. “The appointment of the previous administrative committee was not legal,” he alleged. Ibrahim Goonadka has been appointed as the new administrative officer of the dargah.

Welcoming the decision of the government, Kamil said that the government should also take disciplinary action against the previous committee for carrying out alleged illegalities and misleading people.

He alleged that educational institutions functioning under the dargah were neglected by the earlier administrative committee. The syllabus was changed and teachers and lecturers were not paid, he said.

“The previous administrative committee violated the directions of the Khazi and fixed the date of Eid-Ul-Fitr a day earlier than the prescribed date (on July 2017) thereby creating confusion. The mosque was locked for devotees on the prescribed date. This was first of its kind in the history of the dargah”, he pointed out.

Ullal Syed Madani Mohalla Okkuta General Secretary Abdul Hameed Manchila, Treasurer Ashraf Sundaribhag, committee members Riyaz Alekala and Mansoor Darandabagilu were present in the press meet.

'Ensure peace'

In another press meet, MLA U T Khader said that while implementing the order of the state government the district administration should ensure peace in Ullal.

“All measures should be taken to protect the sanctity of Hazrat Syed Madani Dargah in Ullal. The two factions of the Dargah should compromise to uphold the Dargah’s sanctity,” he said. 

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