Active TB case-finding campaign from Nov 25

Active TB case-finding campaign from Nov 25

The second phase of the active TB case finding campaign 2019 will be undertaken by the Health Department, from November 25 to December 10.

Addressing mediapersons at Patrika Bhavan in Mangaluru on Wednesday, district Health Officer Dr Ramakrishna Rao said that theme of the campaign for this year will be ‘On the Move against TB: Transforming the Fight towards Elimination’.

He said, “If left untreated, Tuberculosis can cause death. Also, an infected person will spread the disease to 10 to 15 persons per year. Around 600 TB patients breathe their last owing to TB in the world every day, as per an estimate. Under the revised National TB Control campaign in 1993, DOTS treatment was initiated by the government. DOTS is available in all government hospitals free of cost. The treatment period will be six to eight months. Lakhs of people are benefited by the programme”.

In order to prevent the spread of infection, the people who are affected by cough, should cover their mouth and nose with a handkerchief and should avoid spitting.

Newborns should be administered BCG. For queries related to the subject, people may contact the health department helpline 104.

The DHO said that the symptoms of TB are: Cough persisting for more than two weeks, mild fever at night, chest pain, blood in phlegm, loss of weight and lack of hunger. The check-up for TB is done free of cost at all government health centres. Persons affected with HIV/AIDS are prone to TB, due to low immunity. During the campaign, the people should cooperate with the health workers by providing relevant information, the DHO added. District TB Control Officer Dr Badruddin was present.