Appeal to segregate waste at source

Appeal to segregate waste at source

Guidelines for waste segregation have been issued by the Madikeri CMC.

Door-to-door collection of waste is being carried out in Madikeri City Municipal Council limits and the people should segregate the waste before handing it over to the waste collection vehicle. The use of plastic should be reduced, said CMC commissioner M L Ramesh.

Guidelines for waste segregation—wet waste comprise of kitchen waste such as vegetable and fruit peels, stale rice, egg shells, chicken, fish, meat, bones, rotten fruits and vegetables, tissue papers used for cleaning edible food, used tea powder, coffee powder, used tea bags, plantain leaves, garden waste such as leaves, broken branches, used flowers and flower garlands.

Dry waste includes plastic covers (if the plastic is soiled, it should be cleaned), plastic bottles, cans, wrappers, plastic plates, milk and curd packets, paper, used stationary, carton boxes, pizza boxes, tetra packs and paper plates.

Glass, unbroken glass bottles, rubber, thermocol, old cloth, sponges, ceramics, used battery cells, CDs, tapes, thermometers, bulb, tube light and CFL bulbs should be handed over to waste collectors separately.

Also, diapers, sanitary napkins, bandage, tissue papers, medicines, blades, syringes, injection tubes, cement, bricks and flower pots should be handed over separately, said the CMC commissioner.