Bethany nuns serve in Kerala

Bethany nuns serve in Kerala

Bethany nuns from Mangaluru at the flood affected Kottapuram in Kerala.

The Bethany headquarters at Bendoor had sent 44 nuns and 71 student nuns with Sr Dr Shalet Mendonca and Sr Priya Rose as coordinators and leaders to be with the flood victims of Kerala at Kottapuram area near Kodungallur north of Kochi Ernakulam and aid the relief works.

A one-week camp to support and work with the victims was a satisfying experience, said Sr Dr Shalet Mendonca. “Our hearts moved with compassion for those who were in distress and had lost their dear ones, properties and left homeless after the disaster. The people have been battling with the consequences of this natural calamity. We responded to the suggestions of our Superior General Sr Rose Celine and her team, to share our spiritual wealth and human resource by coming out of our comfort and secure zones,” she said.

“It was a heartbreaking sight to see how the people were subjected to this natural calamity, lost everything and left with absolutely nothing,” she said.

The nuns engaged themselves in cleaning the houses of the victims and surrounding areas. They cleaned two large areas — a home for the aged and several houses in the area they were allotted. “The experience has made a remarkable impact on all the participants and local helpers and the suffering people were given some hope. Food items, necessities and other things were also distributed to the victims. It was a good experience as it would remain with us for long and change our life too by making us considerate of the needs around us with physical service and taking care of nature and the environment,” Sr Priya Rose said.