Bollinamme fest on June 8

Bollinamme fest on June 8

‘Bollinamme’ programme to mark the silver jubilee celebrations of Karnataka Kodava Sahitya Academy, will be held at Cauvery College in Gonikoppa on June 8, said Academy president Pemmanda K Ponnappa.

Speaking during the launch of the Bollinamme logo at the Academy’s office in Madikeri, he said that for the last 25 years, the Academy had been doing a commendable job in preserving the language, literature, history and culture of the Kodava community with the help of the government grants.

He said that the Academy was holding programmes within and outside the district focused on the Kodava tradition, folklore, culture, theatre.

“The Academy has been successful in publishing books and CDs. An effort is being made to document the life of a Kodava from birth to death,” he added.

Fest attractions

Stating that Bollinamme would feature cultural, literary programmes and a procession, Ponnappa added that a photo exhibition and documentary screening (on Kodava culture) would be some of the attractions of the fest.

“Kodava antiquities will be displayed. Kodava cuisine and Kodava books will be on sale,” he added.

The programme would be inaugurated with a procession at 9 am. It will be followed by a meeting at 10.30 am.

Cultural programs such as Umathaat, Bolakaat, Kathiaat, Duddikott, Kolaat, Urtikott, Talipaat, Kappekalli will be performed by artistes. 

It will be followed by a special performance by Kodava theatre artists in the evening at 5 pm, he said.

A poetry meet is scheduled at 11 am. The valedictory ceremony will be held at 2 pm, he added.

The publicity committee members are Naliyamanda K Umesh, Itichandanda Ramesh Uthappa, Beekachanda Beliappa, the stage committee members are Hanchetira Manu Mudappa, Shorerea Mudaiah and Mannakamane Balakrishna.

Hospitality and transport committee members constitute of Mannakkemane Balkrishna.

Procession committee member is Bollajira B Ayiappa, reception committee members are Angira Kusum, Aminchanda Praveen Chengappa and Hanchetira Fancy Muthanna.

Ajjamada P Kushalappa, Sullimada Bhavani Kaveriappa, Changulanda P Suraj and Kudiyara Sharada are part of the cultural committee.