Bullock cart race gives goosebumps

Bullock cart race gives goosebumps

A pair of bullocks take part in the state-level bullock cart race held on the occasion of the annual temple fair of Gramadevathe Sri Banashankari Ammanavaru in Hebbale near Kushalnagar, on Wednesday.

The state-level bullock cart race, conducted as a part of the annual fair of Hebbale Grama Devate Sri Banashankari Ammanavaru on Wednesday, enthralled the people.

Apart from the farmers of Hebbale and surrounding areas, people from Hampapura, Saraguru, Chamarajpet, Mallinathapura, Kodagu, Mysuru, K R Nagar, Hassan and Chikkamagaluru districts too brought their bullock carts to take part in the 100-meter race, held at the government model primary school ground in Hebbale. The event was held under the aegis of Madari Yuvaka Sangha.

The bullock cart race held prior to the harvesting season, is devoted to the village Goddess Sri Banashankari Ammanavaru. The farmers prepare their bullocks for the special event, which has been conducted from many years.

This year, around 18 bullock carts took part in the race. The crowds which gathered on the ground, whistled and cheered along, as the bullocks ran on the racing track. Some bullocks got disturbed from the noise created by people and ran haphazardly, rushing towards the crowd. However, there were no untoward incidents.


Jagadish of Chikkamagaluru won the first place as his bullock cart covered the 100-metre distance in 8.75 seconds. The second prize was bagged by the bullock cart of Mansit of Saligrama, whose cart covered the distance in 10.54 second. Ranganna’s bullock cart, which completed the race in 10.70 seconds, stood in third place.

The first and second place winners were awarded eight grams and five grams of gold respectively.

Entrepreneur A Mohan Chowdhury flagged-off the bullock cart race.

Zilla Panchayat member H R Shrinivas inaugurated the games organised as a part of the temple fair. Children, women and even the elderly were seen enthusiastically taking part in various events such as cricket, volleyball, rangoli, musical chair, three-legged race, tug-of-war and kabaddi.

Madari Yuvaka Sangha president H N Mahesh was present.

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