'Campaign to make Modi PM again not idol worshipping'

'Campaign to make Modi PM again not idol worshipping'

BJP National Joint Organisational Secretary B L Santhosh said the campaign to make Narendra Modi prime minister again should not be likened to ‘idol worshipping’.

He was addressing the women intellectuals at an interactive session organised at Country Inn and Suits in Manipal on Thursday.

Santhosh said Narendra Modi is incidentally at the helm of affairs and due to his ability in ensure a good governance in this country, he is being projected as the next prime minister.

Thus people are also backing the leadership of Modi, he stressed.

Santhosh said Modi walked the talk and ensured credibility to the politics in the country. “At a time when youth were detaching themselves from the system because of the deep-rooted corruption, Modi came as a glimmer of hope.  Because of Modi’s governance, the poor have a hope that they too can lead a life of better quality,” he said.

Santhosh also said that women empowerment got a new meaning during the NDA tenure in the past five years.