Merchants association creates awareness on cleanliness

Central Market Merchants’ Association creates awareness on cleanliness

Office-bearers of Central Market Merchants’ Association create awareness on cleanliness at Central Market in Mangaluru.

Members of the Central Market Merchants’ Association launched a drive to create awareness among traders in the market complex about the need to maintain cleanliness and contain the spread of Covid-19. 

Association president Mustafa and other office-bearers visited each stall in the market and appealed to traders on maintaining cleanliness in the market. 

Mustafa said, “The sellers should maintain cleanliness in their premises. Coronavirus has already taken a toll on the world. We have to take all precautionary measures to check the spread of the disease.” 

Fruits and vegetables are being sold in the market. People come to purchase from us. We have to think about the safety of our customers. As a part of the awareness campaign, we have visited all the shops in the market and its surroundings,” he said. 

Association honorary president Ahmmed Bava said, “To check the spread of coronavirus, the authorities have closed down the malls. There is a need to create awareness among the people on maintaining cleanliness.” 

MCC officials will visit the market and check the cleanliness in the surrounding areas. If any shop is fined for lack of cleanliness, then the association is not responsible for it. Pamphlets have already been distributed among 400 traders, he added.

Walking beside highway

With the closure of Kadri Park and other parks for jogging in the morning and evening, the people have been walking and jogging beside the highway.

The closure of parks has saddened those who used to regularly walk and jog in the morning.

“Parks are always safe. There are no large gatherings in the park. What was the need to close down the park?” asks a senior citizen, Shanthi. 

“Without the park, we have to jog and walk beside the highway. There are possibilities of being knocked down by speeding vehicles,” she added.

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