Centre urged to constitute Hindu Personal Law Board

Centre urged to constitute Hindu Personal Law Board

Hindu Task Force, headed by Gurpura Vajradehi Mutt seer Rajashekarananda Swami, has written to the Central government to frame a Hindu Personal Law Board and Act, for the overall development of Hindus.

The laws that were written during the period of Macaulay no longer hold good for Hindus.

Proposal submitted

Hindu Task Force Central Committee general secretary Dr B Ramachari said, “A proposal seeking solutions to the negligence of development of temples, derogatory statements issued on Hindu places of worships, government facilities failing to reach poor Hindu families, has been submitted to the Central government.”

The letter was written to the Centre two months ago. Home Minister Rajnath Singh has responded positively.

Rajashekarananda Swami said, “The Hindu Task Force was formed keeping in mind the interests of Hindus. It is not an organisation to fight against Love Jihad alone. The committee will work on land jihad, and conversion issues as well.” 


The Hindu Task Force was constituted in January 2018, under the guidance of Rajashekarananda Swami. The Central Committee has 22 members.

The committee will be formed at the district, taluk and village levels as well. The task force has also developed a website—http://hindhutaskforce.com.

To help a poor Hindu family and also to develop Hindu places of worship that are facing a financial crisis, a help desk will be constituted at the village level.

Dr Ramachari said, “Temples and mutts should be developed through Hindu Personal Law Board. The Hindu Law Board can take financial assistance from rich temples to provide help to poor Hindu families.”