CFAL gears up to watch solar eclipse on Dec 26

CFAL gears up to watch solar eclipse on Dec 26

It is time to wear a pair of solar goggles and observe the solar eclipse on December 26.

As Mangaluru gears up to witness the celestial event known as the ring of fire, the Centre For Advanced Learning (CFAL), Bejai-Kapikad, has invited people to have the best view of the solar eclipse.

Enthusiasts in Mangaluru can witness the event on the premises of The Bharath Academy, Blueberry Hills, where suitable arrangements are made by CFAL to witness the event.

To register, people may call on mobile phone numbers 9972275120 and 7026314999.

In India, the solar eclipse is visible from 8.06 am to 11.13 am on December 26. The eclipse will be the third and the final solar eclipse for the year 2019.

Angularity, that lasts for three minutes, will occur between 9:24 am and 09:27 am on the east coast and 9:31 am and 9:35 am on the west coast.