Chalk out plans to detect TB patients: Udupi DC

Chalk out plans to detect TB patients: Udupi DC

Deputy Commissioner Hephsiba Rani Korlapati speaks at a meeting held at DC's Office in Manipal.

Deputy Commissioner Hephsibha Rani Korlapati has instructed the officials to chalk out plans for identifying TB patients in the district following the revised schedule under National Tuberculosis Control programme being held Monday to July 27.

Speaking at a meeting organised by the district task force, the DC directed the officials to keep her updated about progress through elaborated reports. She said the health workers in the hospitals should have all required information about the patients.

District Tuberculosis Control Officer Dr Chidanand Sanju said the purpose of the programme was to identify the sensitive areas which pose threat.

“The door-to-door visit will be held and if the probable patients are detected, they would be subjected to the treatment immediately.”

Sanju said the identification programme was carried out from January 2 to 14, in which 1,40,838 persons were tested for TB. Of which 23 were identified with tuberculosis through screening and mucus testing. At present 403 teams with 806 people were working to detecting TB patients, he said.

Later, addressing the Tuberculosis Forum meet, the DC directed the officials to effectively perform IEC (information, education and communication) activities.

She said the experiences of the people who have completely recovered from TB (TB champions) should be documented in the form of video and should be used to promote TB eradication measures.

Sanju said that in India nearly 40% of the people were not able to identify TB infection. Most of the times, the treatment is stopped midway owing to several reasons and most common being the financial restraints.

The taboo attached to the infection is also another reason, he added.

He said a 15-member committee was formed under Revised National Tuberculosis Control programme (RNTCP). The committee would help the patients to take care of their infection and also treatment.

Korlapati said the workshops should be held in association with the Indian Medical Association. The government offers Rs 500 pension and from January to June 2019, Rs 6,20,000 for 315 patients in public and Rs 25,000 for 15 patients in private sector is offered through direct benefit transfer. TB champions should be utilised to create awareness, she added.