Coffee growers fear crop loss due to untimely rain

Coffee growers fear crop loss due to untimely rain

Coffee berries have withered.

Arabica coffee growers are worried as untimely rain lashing has been resulting in premature ripening of coffee berries. The farmers feel that if the rainfall continues to lash the region, then growers will incur a huge loss. Coffee berries have already started withering in most of the plantations in the coffee land.

Normally, Arabica coffee will be ready for harvest during November end or in the beginning of December. But, this year, the coffee berries started ripening as early as mid-September, due to incessant rains in August. The coffee berries are getting spoiled and are withering.

“Around 50% of the crops are feared to be lost due to premature ripening of coffee. The growers are in a strange situation where they can neither harvest coffee nor wait for the harvesting season. Even if they pluck the coffee berries, there is no sunlight to dry them”, said Nagesh, a coffee grower.

Naturally, ripe coffee berries are required to be dried under the sun for a week. Later, the coffee berries are processed to get good quality coffee powder. But, Arabica coffee berries are turning dark in colour due to rains. Such coffee beans will not stand a chance in the market, he meanwhile said.

Rajanna, a coffee grower in Heggula village said that the current weather is humid and is resulting in the outbreak of fruit-rot disease. Rains are hindering the process of sprinkling medicine on the plants.