Communicable disease haunts residents of Indavara

Communicable disease haunts residents of Indavara

The heap of garbage dumped at Indavara village.

The waste management unit at Indavara village on the outskirts of Chikkamagaluru town has turned into a problem for the residents.

Fearing the spread of communicable disease, the relatives of the villagers are refusing to visit the village.  

The solid waste from Chikkamagaluru is disposed at Indavara. A heap of garbage has been collected at the site identified for the dumping. However, the lack of scientific management of the garbage has turned into a headache for the residents and the staunch smell emanating from the site is unbearable in the village. 

Furthermore, drains in the villages are filled with silt and weeds. As a result, mosquitoes and house flies have started breeding and the menace has increased.

The residents have been suffering from weakness, headache, body pain and fever. Visits to the hospital have become a daily affair for the residents. 

Speaking to DH, Shashikala said “I have been suffering from Dengue for the last 15 days. I was admitted in a hospital for four days. I am yet to recover. None of my relatives are ready to visit the village, to take care of me, fearing the spread of disease. Instead, they are asking me to visit their village. It is a challenge to reside in this village.” 

“We cannot sit inside the house due to the unbearable heat. If we sit outside, the staunch smell chokes us. House flies during daytime and mosquitoes during the night have been haunting us. No one listens to our woes,” she added. 

Supriya, a student said, “People make fun of our village as ‘Rogapura’ (Village of Illnesses) and ‘Sollepura’ (Village of Mosquitos). Our relatives who are working in cities refuse to visit us even during family functions.” 

The garbage dumped at the site is not managed properly. There is a lack of cleanliness in the village, said the residents. 

CMC Commissioner K Parameshi said, “Priority is given for scientific disposal of waste at the site. There is no smell. Fogging has been taken up to check the mosquito menace.” 


As many as 10 people in the village are suffering from Dengue for the last one month and are availing treatment in private hospitals. Those who are infected with dengue are not yet cured.