Complaint submitted on pollution of River Cauvery

Complaint submitted on pollution of River Cauvery

The washing of vehicles in River Cauvery is contaminating the water at Cheriyaparambu near Napoklu.

Gram Panchayat former member Appaneravanda Kiran Cariappa has urged the district administration to take stringent action against those who are polluting River Cauvery in the area. 

In a memorandum submitted to the deputy commissioner, he said, “Due to various human activities, water in River Cauvery is being polluted in Napoklu area and the same water is being used by the residents of the town. The district administration should initiate strict measures against the wrongdoers.”

He said in the memorandum that the flow of water has thinned down in River Cauvery. “Contractors, who have been extracting sand from the river, are washing their lorries in the river. The Gram Panchayat has been supplying the same water directly to the households without purifying it”.

The complainant has urged the deputy commissioner to issue strict directions to the Gram Panchayat to supply the river water to houses, only after purifying the water.

Kiran said the vehicle owners should not be allowed to wash their vehicles in the river directly. A protective wall should be constructed on the way to River Cauvery and the vehicles should be washed at a distance of 15 feet away from the river, he said in the memorandum. 

Drivers and Owners’ Association president Abdul Razak said that River Cauvery is polluted due to the waste dumped by people into the river. There are high chances of an outbreak of vector-borne diseases, due to the polluted water, he added in the memorandum.