'Complete Varahi irrigation project'

'Complete Varahi irrigation project'

Karnataka Legislative Council Petitions Committee Chairman S L Dharme Gowda instructed the officials concerned to complete the Varahi irrigation project on schedule.

Dharme Gowda told mediapersons on Wednesday that he had inspected the project site after receiving many complaints. He said officials had received instructions to expedite the project. The Committee had instructed officers to build the water treatment plant in Haladi as adjoining villages will receive clean drinking water, he said.

The proposed pipelines pass through 23 villages in 13 gram panchayats. He said the Committee also instructed that the people residing in upper area of Shankaranarayana and Haladi villages should receive water. The road repair works should be built only after the completion of pipelines in the area.

He said officials were asked to use sophisticated technology and machines to complete the project.

The water from the canals and river should be used. The estimated cost of project is Rs 300 crore. He said that the benefit of such mega project should be extended to at least 50 years. The Committee should be informed about the progress of the project. If any problem arises, the Committee will visit the district and resolve it, he assured and warned of strict action against officers who delay the project. The officers had assured to complete the project by 2022. He informed on directing the administration to complete all pending irrigation projects.