Coronavirus do not spread from dead victims’: Nitte

‘Coronavirus do not spread from dead victims: Nitte Pro Chancellor Dr M Shantharam Shetty

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Nitte (Deemed to be University) Pro Chancellor Dr M Shantharam Shetty said that coronavirus does not spread from the patient who has died of COVID-19. 

"It is not right to oppose the cremation of the victims," he stressed.

In a video clipping, he said, "The coronavirus spreads when an infected man sneezes, coughs and the droplets falls on the surface. The deceased patient spreading virus is not proven scientifically."

"It hurt me when people in several parts of Dakshina Kannada opposed the cremation of the victims. People in the district are known for literacy and intelligence. The cremation is carried out as per the guidelines issued by the government. People should not heed to false information and should join hands with the government."

"Let us hope that none dies of COVID-19 in the district. In case if any death is reported then the cremation should be carried out in electric crematorium as per the guidelines."

KMC Hospital Microbiologist Dr Suchitra Shenoy said, "The body is sent for cremation after taking precautionary measures. There is no problem in the burial of the body as well. There is lack of awareness among people. If awareness is created among people then they will surely support the authorities."