DC seeks explanation on affidavits

DC seeks explanation on affidavits

Deputy Commissioner Annies Kanmani Joy

Following confusion regarding the rehabilitation of flood victims at the relief centre in Nelyahudikeri, Deputy Commissioner Annies Kanmani Joy has asked officials to furnish a report on the letter of undertaking received from the inmates at the relief centre.

The deputy commissioner has asked the concerned revenue inspectors and village accountants to submit an explanation in this regard within 24 hours. The assistant commissioner has also been asked to speak to the inmates at the Nelyahudikeri relief centre and furnish a report.

The deputy commissioner has, meanwhile, said that there is no need for the flood-affected people to panic.

“The letter of undertaking is obtained as per the directions by the government and from only those who have built houses on encroached government land. This will not apply to those who live in the sites identified to be vulnerable. The process of translocating such people to safe places has already been started,” she explained.