DDPI suspends school headmaster

The deputy director of public instruction (DDPI) suspended Mudara Baira, headmaster of Haradi Upgraded Higher Primary School, on charges of dereliction of duty.

Sources said that the headmaster had received 31 bags of rice, each weighing 50 kg on June 24, in order to cook midday meals for students. However, 11 bags, totalling 5.5 quintals of rice, were found misappropriated. The accounts pertaining to the midday meals too had not been maintained properly by the headmaster.

Akshara Dasoha officer Rajalakshmi had recommended disciplinary action against Mudara Baira and submitted a report to the DDPI, seeking high-level probe.

The DDPI, in turn, suspended the headmaster on charges of dereliction of duty.

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