Decline in rivulet water affects fish species

Decline in rivulet water affects fish species

The decline in water level at the Karambaru Kelkara Temple has affected the fish in the water body.

Sri Kelkara Mahalingeshwara Temple is situated at Karambaru village of Belthangady taluk. Kelkara rivulet, a tributary of River Phalguni, flows beside the temple. With the decline in the flow of water, ‘Peruvalu’ - popularly called ‘Devara Meenu’ - species of fish have started dying. The villagers fear that the species of fish may get destroyed if the situation continues.

There is water in a waterhole situated in the rivulet. All the fish have come to the waterhole. Dead fish have been found floating in the water for the last four to five days. With the sweltering heat, the temperature of the water in the rivulet has also changed. Due to a decline in oxygen, the fish are breathing their last.

Borewell water

Unable to see the fish struggling for life, Shubhakara Acharya, who lives on the banks of the river, has been supplying water from his borewell to the rivulet to help the survival of the fish. Also, unable to bear the stench of dead fish, he has been burying them beside the river.

“Owing to shortage of water, the fish species was destroyed in the year 2017. If the rain is delayed, then all the fish are likely to die,” fear the residents.

Farmer Honnappa Salian said, “We have been praying to appease the Rain God to shower.”

Temple priest Narayana Bhat Guripalla said, “It is disheartening to have a glance at dead fish floating in the rivulet.”